After Sale Support

For any complaints regarding after sales support please drop email to us at [email protected]

List of Contact details of various supplier companies for delivery, installation and after sale support:

Sr. No. Name of the firm Contact Person Contact No. Email address
1. M/s Acer India Pvt. Ltd.

(Acer Desktops, Laptops & AIO Desktops)

Sh. Sandip Agnihotri 099888-37376 [email protected]
2. M/s Computech

(for installation of Acer Desktops)

Sh. Balbir Tomar





[email protected]


3.  M/s Chamunda Corporation (for CCTV solution) Sh. Milan Dutt

Sh. Priyank Dutt



[email protected]
4. M/s HP India Pvt. Ltd. (for HP Printers & Scanners) Mr. Chiradeep Sen 088260- 07299 [email protected]
5. M/s H&H Tech. Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

(ASP of HP India for Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners etc.)

Mr. Ashu Batta


Mr. Satish





Landline: 0177-2674654

[email protected]



[email protected]


6. M/s Excel Marketing Corpn., Khalini, Shimla

(For Canon Printers & Dell Workstation)

Mr. Nikhil Sood 97360-44400


[email protected]
7. M/s Ess Enn Associates

(For Elnova make Offline UPS)

Mr. Sanjeev Checker





[email protected]; [email protected]



8. M/s Numeric Mr. Manoj


Mr. Amit Chauhan


Mr. Deepak





[email protected]


[email protected]



[email protected]

9. M/s HTIS Telecom Pvt. Ltd., Mohali

(For Dell make Desktops, AIO PCs, Laptops)

Mr. Aaditya Kaushik


Mr. Shyam Kanojia




[email protected]



[email protected]

10. M/s Innovative Secure Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

(For Microsoft Softwares)


Mr. Aman Khullar 098140-04277 [email protected]
11. Sujata Computers Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Baleshwar Singh 96232-76300


[email protected]
12. M/s Himtech Image Solution, Shimla

(For Brother Printers, Scanners)

Mr. Dildar Singh 098160-33939 [email protected]
13. M/s Neeraj Enterprises, Mandi

(For Leoch make UPS batteries)

Mr. Neeraj Vohra


Mr. Neeraj-2

01905-235616, 94591-00009


[email protected]

[email protected]

14. M/s Lipi Datasystems Pvt. Ltd.

(For Lipi Printers)

Mr. Pradeep Rana 098765-01087


[email protected]



15. M/s Raaz Communication, Ghumarwin Mr. Rajesh


Mr. Anup




[email protected]; [email protected]
16. M/s Chawla Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

(for Lipi Passbook Printers & Web Cams)

Mr. Aakash Chawla

Mr. Asshi Sidhu



[email protected]

[email protected]

17. M/s Radius Systems Pvt. Ltd., Jalandhar

(For Apple Products)

Mr. Guneet Singh 099883-14422 [email protected]
18. M/s Pinaki Networks

(For Miscellaneous items)

Mr. Anurag Sharma 093166-90551 [email protected]
19. M/s Satluj Document Company, Shimla

(For Xerox Printers)

Mr. Sanjay 0177-2623505, 2625312, 97360-71600 [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

20. M/s SNA Power Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

(For Hitachi & Vertiv make Online UPS)

Mr. Sanjeev Checker 098140-42163, 0172-2791033 [email protected]
21. M/s Paramatrix Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

(For Apple Products)

Mr. Hari Madhav 070876-12222 [email protected]



Delivery, Installation & After Sale Support for DELL Desktop Computers, All-in-One Desktops & Laptops

Sr. No. Name Location Sub Location Contact No. Email IDs.
1. Mr. Rajan  Sharma Contact Person for

call lodging

Himachal Pradesh 9888877850

0172-509 6134

[email protected]
2. Sh. Shyam Kumar H.P. Himachal Pradesh 9817038008 [email protected]
3. Sh. RamPal H.P Shimla 8219817047 [email protected]
4. Sh. Shashi Paul H.P Shimla 7982729961 [email protected]
5. Sh. Kishori Lal


H.P Bilaspur 8580500891 [email protected]
6. Sh. Sunil Kumar H.P Mandi   7018821227 [email protected]
7. Sh. Ravi Singh H.P    Kullu    7807341410 [email protected]
8. Sh. Rajan Sharma Punjab Mohali 9888877850 [email protected]
9. Sh. Ashutosh Bali Punjab Mohali 8541854184 [email protected]
10. Sh. Karan Punjab Mohali 9805498583 [email protected]
11. Sh. Abhinav H.P Shimla 8219379615 [email protected]
12. Sh. Hardik H.P Kinnaur 9654673356 [email protected]
13. Sh. Rakesh Kumar H.P. Shimla 8988332123 [email protected]
14. Dell Tollfree No. All India 18004254002, 2070, 8045 [email protected]

Customer may also lodging any call/ complaint on HPSEDC following Phone Nos.

0177-2623473, 2623394, 2623513 regarding delivery, installation & After Sale Support.