Product & services offering by HPSEDC

Product & services offering of HPSEDC for providing end-to-end integrated solutions for various Government Departments/ Boards/ Corporations/ Autonomous Bodies/ PSUs etc.

HP State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (HPSEDC), a unit of H.P. Government undertaking, was incorporated under the companies Act 1956 in the year 1984. The main objectives and functions of this Corporation include promotion of Computerization in the State (particularly in the State Government Departments and its undertakings), at reasonable rates.
In addition to this, the Corporation has been working diligently to give fillip to Electronic & IT Industry in the State by providing adequate infrastructure in IT Sector.

HPSEDC has been supplying the following wide range of products and services through its empaneled agencies since 1984:

  1. Electronic Equipments
  2. Office automation
  3. Medical equipments
  4. Pollution Control/ monitoring equipments
  5. LAN Cabling for computers or computer labs
  6. Electrical Wiring
  7. PVC Flooring
  8. All types of Computer Furniture
  9. Manpower on out sourced basis
  10. Consulting Services
  11. Software and Website Development services

HPSEDC has been taking up such projects for different Government Departments, Boards, Corporations, and Autonomous Institutions through agencies located across the nation, offering plethora of products for the above-mentioned services at nominal technical charges. These services will enable the concerned organizations in leveraging latest technologies as well as save cost to the Government exchequer.

The HPSEDC provides a comprehensive solution that can be integrated seamlessly with the services offered within the existing infrastructure of the concerned organization to maximize the utilization of resources in an integrated way. This enables the department to leverage the quality and vast experience of the agencies shortlisted by the Corporation.

Further, to ensure the quality and timely upkeep of the above-mentioned items on competitive prices, the corporation has a system in place for providing after sale and maintained support to its customers by entering into AMC arrangement with the customer departments.

Why Choose HPSEDC for procurement of electronics items/ equipments and other services:

  1. HPSEDC is providing similar services since l984 through empaneled vendors from across the nation.
  2. For procurement and other services, HPSEDC finalized the rates through competitive transparent bidding process as per HP State Government financial rules and completing all codal formalities with assistance from global consulting agencies.
  3. Based on the competitive bidding, rates of good quality products and services through its vendor are being provided to State Govt. on very nominal charges.
  4. The rates provided by HPSEDC are generally lower than the rates available on others e-marketing portal/ places, as the reasonability of the rates are checked by purchase committee. Therefore, before providing the rates of items to the end customer department, HPSEDC compares the rates of equipments with the prevailing market alongwith its specifications to discover the genuineness of rates.
  5. Now, the Govt. of India has introduced GeM e-market portal for procurement of goods and services. Keeping in view the requirements of the departments, HPSEDC also provides goods and services through GeM portal.
  6. We are also providing after sale support and annual maintenance contract to the end customer.

In case of any clarification and finalization of solution for your department, you may kindly contact us at [email protected]