Objectives and Activities

To promote, establish, run, manage, execute, administer, supervise, finance, advise, improve, assist and to develop and operate schemes including investment, financial and electronics with or without government aid/ assistance and with or without foreign collaboration, and for the purpose to prepare and or cause to be prepared investigations and statistics and other relevant information and to provide consultancy services for the establish companies, subsidiary or other-wise and associations for setting up industries in the line of production which are important in the opinion of the Corporation for the development of Electronics and Electrical industries.

The major activities of the corporation can broadly be categorised into the following areas:

  1. Consultancy and Promotional Services related to development of Electronics and IT’s in the State.
  2. Software Development and Computerization on turn-key solution by providing optimum computer hardware / software’s and other peripherals.
  3. Procurement & Marketing of All types of Electronic Office Automation including Medical and Pollution control products.
  4. Development of Industrial Buildings/ Sheds and Areas.
  5. To provide prompt after – sales – support / services for the supplied / installed Electronics items by the Corporation to the concerned users departments. Corporation to the concerned users departments.