Generate Proforma Invoice

Welcome to Generate Performa Invoice ! HPSEDC!

HPSEDC (Himachal Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation) is a government-owned company that works towards promoting and implementing the use of information technology and electronics in the state of Himachal Pradesh. As part of our efforts to strengthen the technological infrastructure of the state, we provide sales & support services to the various Government Departments/ Boards/ Corporations/ PSUs etc.

HPSEDC has been supplying the following wide range of IT products through its empanelled agencies since 1984:

  1. Computer Systems and peripherals
  2. Printers and scanners
  3. Photocopier Machines
  4. LAN Cabling for computers or computer labs
  5. Servers
  6. Drones
  7. CCTV Camera etc.

HPSEDC has recently developed a module to provide the facility to generate the proforma Invoice Online by following these simple steps:-

Step 1: Open on browser to Generate Performa Invoice .

Step 2: After login , the department can select the category of the product , they want to procure .

Step 3. Once a product category is selected , department can view the product list & add the product to the cart.

Step 4. Finally the department needs to visit the cart to review the selected products . Department can also add more products & remove products from the cart before generating the proforma invoice. Once the cart is finalized the department can click on Generate Proforma Invoice tab to generate the final invoice.

For any queries or assistance related to Generate Performa Invoice, please contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to your participation in the growth and development of Himachal Pradesh.

Thank you for your interest in HPSEDC!